Swing Ting


Artist: Madd Again!

Title: Beg Nar Fren

Introducing M​add Again!​ — a collaborative project from Zed Bias, Trigga, Specialist Moss & Killa Benz. Bashment meets grime meets garage meets dancehall in a UK style and fashion.

‘Duggu’ kicks things off — the new dance for the summer. Zed throws down a funky, bubblin’ riddim track for all crew to ride, roll & represent… ‘Wine your waist and Duggu!’

‘Beg Nar Fren’ is all shimmering autotune lighters­in­the­air vibes on the hook before Bias provides the perfect backdrop for the boys to impart some street wisdom…’We nuh business!’

Rounding off the EP — ‘Badmindself’ showcases the depth of the project for a brooding, hard hitting number as the team let loose a warning for wicked hearts… ‘Fix up yaself!’

Release date: 5/15/2015