Swing Ting


Artist: Sharda & Shanique Marie

Title: Wanna Know

The enigmatic Sharda follows up his deadly debut drop on Murlo’s Coil Records with a summer splash on Swing Ting featuring queen of the cool kids club Shanique Marie of the unstoppable Equiknoxx crew.

Taking cues from the rich vein of Jamaican-flavoured UK garage, Sharda and Shanique bring the sound up-to-the-time, with Marie’s sublime fast-chat style and pattern perfectly cruising over the bumpiest, bubbliest of beats. Delightfully ravey piano, filtered keys and a bouncy b-line are just a few of the elements that make this a number to reload over and over. If it’s nice we play it twice!

“Swing Ting, Sharda, the link everlasting”

Release date: 6/16/2018