Swing Ting


Artist: Swing Ting & HMD

Title: Just a Feeling

SWINGTING026 ​is the first drop of 2020 on the Manchester-based label, a collaboration between ​Swing Ting​ and the city’s very own ​HMD​. The latter had a stellar 2019; dropping solo anthems ​“Deen”​ and ​“South Central”, ​featuring on releases with ​Children of Zeus​ & ​Abnormal Sleepz​, on top of​ ​shutting down Reading, Leeds & MIF festivals.

“Just a Feeling” ​sees label co-founders Samrai & Platt on the production, providing a tough-yet-soulful instrumental for a stunning vocal performance from HMD. In turn he delivers a carefree bubbler for the incoming warmer months.

Release date: 2/7/2020