Swing Ting


Artist: Swing Ting

Title: 100 Dances Reworked

100 Dances ​was the first long-player produced entirely by ​Samrai & Platt​. The culmination of over a decade of running parties and producing tracks under the ​Swing Ting​ moniker. This ​100 Dances Reworked​ set sees producers ​KG, Ikonika, Sam Binga​ as well as the pair themselves retouch and revisit five of the original ten tracks.

Firstly, ​KG​ flips the ​Thai-Chi Rosè​ featuring “​Drama​” into a summer BBQ bubbler, complete with 90s-esque guitar before it gets rough and ready after the drop. Next up ​Ikonika ​ramps up the tempo of “​Bubblegum”​ with deft strings and subs morphing it into a bittersweet yet dangerous reflip - demonstrating her prowess with working with dancehall-infused vocals [NB ​please see her work with Boston’s 4​ 5 Di Boss​]. Bristol’s ​Sam Binga​ retwists the ​Trigga​-featuring “​Swagger & Flex​” keeping things lively with UK funky-esque drum patterns, a bulging bassline and slick chops. ​

Samrai & Platt step up for the final two reworks, subtly dubbing ​Lovescene’s ​serene​ ​vocals on the streaming hit “​Signs”​ whilst injecting some smart 2-step swagger and low-end alterations. Finally ​Shanique Marie​’s ​smooth take​ of “​Give Thanks​” recorded in one take earlier this summer with piano and keys rearranged especially by ​Samrai, Platt & Antonia Canal​ rounds of the EP in fitting style.

Release date: 10/8/2020